- WSL / Laurent Masurel

The prime season for Supertubos in Portugal doesn't really kick off for a couple months, but try telling that to Leonardo Fioravanti, who's been feasting on Portuguese barrels lately.

It's been an interesting summer for Fioravanti. After hunkering down in Australia through the early stages of the pandemic, it wasn't until last month that he finally got home to Europe. Making the most of his time since, straight off the bat he scored some fun days on the Italian island of Sardinia in the Mediterranean.

After that he hit the highway, enjoying an eight-hour road trip from Hossegor to Supertubos. After a stopover in Ericeira, he was on to Peniche for an early-season swell that offered up all kinds of cavernous opportunities. Needless to say, Fioravanti's been scoring while keeping the tools razor sharp.

"Good practice for whenever we come back here to compete," he said of his time at Supertubos on Instagram.

With exotic surf travel currently on ice, getting good waves and mixing up the scenery is all about taking advantage of the opportunities in your own backyard, and Fioravanti has certainly been doing that. From the Italian coast to runs through France and Portugal, summer in Europe hasn't been too bad for the Championship Tour stalwart.

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