It's a rare wave that is equal parts beautiful and terrifying, and that's why John John Florence made the most of a special session on Oahu's outer reefs.

A lot of eyes have been on Maui, but back on the North Shore -- where a large north-west swell closed out Waimea Bay -- Florence, Koa Rothman and Mikey Wright were among the chargers who headed out to sea, where the waves were huge and perfect.

You'd be forgiven for thinking he was surfing giant Cloudbreak, with the wave so picturesque it's easy to forget just how large and dangerous it really is. It's another feather in the cap for John John, a two-time World Champion whose range spans everything from small-wave progression to paddling huge, hollow outer reefs.

Meanwhile, many Australian Championship Tour athletes have already headed back home to get ready for the next leg of the Tour, but Mikey's decision to hang around clearly paid off.

North Shore local Koa Rothman also bagged a bomb, one of several waves no one is going to be forgetting about in a hurry.

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