- WSL / Perry Gershkow

While it garners nearly 100-percent of the attention during the winter months, Hawaii is hardly the only island chain in the Pacific that gets waves from November through February. The same north swells that bring Waimea Bay to life keep traveling, tickling the myriad of reefs in the South Pac. And then there are the less obvious local swell events that can light up otherwise dormant summertime spots. Case in point: Teahupo'o.

Over the Christmas holidays the End Of The Road enjoyed a healthy run of well overhead south swell barrels and absolutely pristine conditions -- and while all the pros were paddling around trying to get the shot on the North Shore, the local crew at Chopes was feasting.

Filmmaker Perry Gershkow was wise enough to sneak down to Tahiti with his water housing. Capturing some amazing footage of Kauli Vaast and the other regulars, his new project, "Hues," offers an enticing look what the "offseason" really looks like at the notorious Wall Of Skulls.

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