How Many Events Should Be Surfed To Win The 2021 World Title?

How Many Events Should Be Surfed To Win The 2021 World Title?

Chapter 1, Episode 5

In this installment of "Getting Heated" with three-time World Champ Mick Fanning and New School icon Ross Williams the legendary duo break down what the Championship Tour not landing at Lennox Head means for the rest of the 2021 season. That spurs a passionate debate about the unpredictable nature of the 2021 Championship Tour. Should it turn out to be an abbreviated season, they delve into how many events could and should be surfed in to earn a World Title. And then the three-time Aussie World Champ steps to the mic to share his thoughts on who the next great surfers from the Land Down Under are. Finally, Ross, coach to John John Florence, speculates on what the main reason Americans and Australians have found themselves sidelined when it comes to winning World Titles.

The new episode of "Getting Heated" is here. Mick and Ross are chomping at the bit. The rundown is locked. Let's do this:

Heat 1: Who loses out the most with the WSL not going to Lennox Head?

Heat 2: Given the unpredictable nature of 2021, if this turns out to be an abbreviated season, what is the minimum number of events needed in order to earn World Title?

Heat 3: Is Julian Wilson Australia's best hope for a Men's World Champion, or is it up to the younger generation to take over?

Going Deep: What is the main driver that has sidelined Australians and Americans from winning world titles?


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