Welcome to the 2021 Red Bull WSL Big Wave Awards submissions page. Send in your biggest and baddest clips of the season to set yourself up as a nominee for the 2021 Red Bull Big Wave Awards. Here's how it all works:

Award Categories

  • Biggest Tow
  • Biggest Paddle
  • Ride of the Year
  • Performer of the Year

Submission Directions

  1. Complete the form below to submit your videos and photos for consideration.
  2. Fill in all relevant fields.
  3. Please ensure your videos are formated as MP4s.
  4. Your photos should be JPGs.
  5. For videos, title your submission with the nominee name.
    Ex: FirstName_LastName.mp4.
  6. For photos, title your submission with the nominee name and shot sequence.
    Ex: FirstName_LastName_1.jpg, FirstName_LastName_2.jpg.
  7. For consideration in the Biggest Tow and Biggest Paddle categories, please submit at least one photo.
  8. All submissions will be considered for the Performer of the Year Category.
  9. Please review the Official Rules and Terms & Conditions, and good luck!

    Official Rules and Terms & Conditions

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