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Tyler Wright revealed she was surfing with a fractured ankle in Newcastle, and now, after clearing the Elimination Round at the Rip Curl Narrabeen Classic presented by Corona the two-time World Champion has provided some further information on the injury.

Wright surfed past Tatiana Weston-Webb and local wildcard Laura Enever, overcoming conditions that even she acknowledges weren't stacked in her favour.

Wright spent much of the off-season going right. But Narrabeen is the best left on Australia's East Coast. And while most of the good scores at Margaret River's Main Break come from the right, Stickland Bay on Rottnest Island is another left-hander. It was practicing to surf lefts in Avoca with her coach Glenn Hall that she -- ironically on a right -- injured her ankle.

"I was training in Avoca with Glenn, practicing going left because we had a really good block of work to do, like six weeks, and we were really stoked, I was just out of quarantine and had got to a good level, recovered from Hawaii really well and quarantine," Wright told he WSL.

"Surfing ... [I just] crunched it, my toes went to my knee and yeah, bruised the bone so bad that it fractured and a couple of other things, and yeah, I've just been managing it since.

"Recovery time, I was told between six and 12 weeks. I probably should have been in a boot for a couple of weeks, but I have a really good team that can help me through these things.

NARRABEEN, AUS - APRIL 17: Two-time WSL Champion Tyler Wright of Australia surfing in Heat 2 of Round 1 of the Rip Curl Narrabeen Classic presented by Corona on April 17, 2021 in Narrabeen, Australia. (Photo by Matt Dunbar/World Surf League via Getty Imag Tyler Wright was practicing going left when she injured her ankle - WSL / Matt Dunbar

"It's a major injury, it's going to hurt for 12 weeks, however I have a really good team that keeps me running so I'm able to do this and not cause further damage to it. It does get a little bit sore, but again, I was really lucky it wasn't a lot worse."

If you weren't aware of the injury, it's unlikely you would have noticed a reduction in Wright's abilities -- she was surfing strong in her Elimination Round heat against Weston-Webb, and Enever, who was eliminated.

And in Newcastle, it was a close loss to Courtney Conlogue which saw her knocked out in the Round of 16. However at this level, the little things make all the difference -- let alone a fractured ankle. Wright was also dealing with an illness coming into Narrabeen, making her performance all the more impressive.

"That heat was tough, to be honest" she said of her Elimination Round match-up.

"I had a bit of a lung infection that took me out of the water in Hawaii, then got home and fractured an ankle -- still got a fractured ankle -- and then I've been sick again, so frankly I get a bit frustrated that I haven't been able to do my job and really work on the level that I really want to be at going left," Wright said in her post-heat interview.

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