WSL Surf 101: Wildcards

WSL Surf 101: Wildcards

In this episode of WSL Surf 101, we're going to look at the great disruptors on Tour, the wildcards. On the Championship Tour, wildcard surfers are those that get an invitation to compete against the world's best at a particular event.

Wildcards are given entry into competition because of their skill, knowledge and past performances at a venue, or a win at a local trials competition. A wildcard's goal is to win heats and disrupt the top power brokers on Tour.

Wildcards are judged with the same criteria as full-time Tour surfers, and the standards of speed, power and flow apply to these spot specialists. More often than not, a wildcard is pitted against a top seed in competition and will have to earn the right to stay in the draw. And wildcards have a long history of taking out the Tour elite with amazing performances.


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