Courtney Conlogue Talks US Open And Her Comeback 2021 Season

Courtney Conlogue Talks US Open And Her Comeback 2021 Season

Championship Tour star and Huntington Beach local Courtney Conlogue joins the podcast to talk about the US Open and her comeback 2021 season. The two-time US Open winner discusses the iconic event held in her hometown, how it holds a special place in her heart, and using her local knowledge to her advantage. She describes competing after taking a year off from surfing while recovering from three concussions in seven months, shares how revitalized she felt in Mexico when she clinched her spot on tour next year, and gives her thoughts on how the Rip Curl WSL Finals played out. She talks about waves of consequence on tour, the strike mission she took to Tahiti this year, surfing Pipeline with Carissa Moore and Keala Kennelly, and the importance of having a tour that challenges its athletes. Courtney also touches on the first board she ever bought, being in the spotlight at a young age, the effects social media has on today's youth, and what she would have done if she didn't pursue pro surfing.


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