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It's been a fair piece since we've seen two-time World Champ John John Florence in a jersey, but if anyone needed a reminder of what he's capable when he's in prime form, look no further than his performance at the 2020 Digital Vans Triple Crown.

From Haleiwa to Sunset and Pipe, during the winter of 2020 nobody did it quite like Florence, who has now shared the footage from his winning running via his YouTube channel.

While it was expected he'd bring the heat at Pipe, where he's the defending Pipe Masters winner, Florence blew the collective surfing world's mind with the show he put on at Haleiwa. A notoriously tricky lineup to read, he put together an absolute dream line on a bombing right-hander.

"This wave was just silly it was so good!" exclaimed Florence's shaper Jon Pyzel on Instagram.

"Best wave ever surfed out there," confirmed 2001 World Champ C.J. Hobgood in the comments.

For Florence's part in it all, upon winning the first-ever Digital Vans Triple Crown, he explained, "This was one of my favorite formats to surf in competition. It allowed for so much more freedom, and you're really going for broke on every single wave. The digital format pushed the level of surfing a lot, and to see all these surfers pushing at that kind of level at Haleiwa, Sunset and Pipe -- it was really fun."

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