LOS ANGELES, Calif/USA (Wednesday, April 20, 2022) - In 2019, the World Surf League (WSL) teamed up with IKEA to better understand the everyday life of people with a mobile and active way of living in close rhythm with the ocean. The result of this collaboration is a collection of practical and beautifully designed products for the home and life on the go. The KÅSEBERGA collection will launch globally in May 2022.

"Watching the IKEA KÅSEBERGA collaboration come to life and working with their designers on developing these sustainable products has been a truly rewarding experience for us at WSL," said Cherie Cohen, WSL Chief Revenue Officer. "IKEA's sustainability initiatives align closely with those of the WSL and our fans. We are confident that these products made using recycled and renewable materials will be hugely popular with surfers, ocean lovers, and design enthusiasts."

"By teaming up with WSL we wanted to learn more about the needs and demands of surfers," said Wiebke Braasch, Designer at IKEA of Sweden. "These needs are relevant for many more people than surfers and inspired us to create products that enrich everybody's lives with similar demands. With this collection, we hope to spread the joy of the surfing lifestyle in the home and everyday life of many people."

The KÅSEBERGA collection includes more than 25 practical and beautifully designed products intended for the home or wherever life takes people. Among those are a hand plane for body surfing, a beach chair, a portable grill, a coffee table and a bag uniquely designed to function well for beach clean-ups.

Together with the WSL and the reputable surfers Kassia Meador and Rob Machado, the design process has revolved around including functionality, more recycled materials and promoting a more circular lifestyle. As a result, a big part of the products in KÅSEBERGA are made of recycled polyester, while others are made of renewable materials, such as bamboo and cork. "It has been an honour and a pleasure to team up with Rob Machado, the WSL and IKEA to create KÅSEBERGA," said Meador. "A collection of ocean-inspired home goods and on-the-go surf essentials in the most functional high vibe low impact way. For the ever-growing global community of earth-conscious surfers and beach lovers."

KÅSEBERGA, named after a small city in Sweden with one of the most southern surf breaks in the country, will launch globally in May 2022. Product availability may differ depending on the region. For more information, contact your local IKEA.

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