LOS ANGELES, Calif., USA (Friday, April 22, 2022) - Gabriel Medina (BRA) has been awarded the men's 2022 WSL season wildcard, which gives him entry into all Championship Tour (CT) events following the Mid-season Cut. The WSL season wildcard also grants entry onto the CT for the following season, therefore Medina will receive a place at the start of the 2023 CT season. The WSL season wildcard is selected by the WSL Tours and Competition team following applications from athletes. The wildcard selection process takes into account competitive performance, such as World Titles, CT and Challenger Series rankings, and event results, as well as a medical evaluation if applicable.

As the WSL season wildcard for the remaining CT competitions following the cut, Medina's points will be eligible for the WSL Final 5 rankings, where the Top 5 surfers on the men's and women's CT will compete in the Rip Curl WSL Finals to compete for the 2022 World Title.

Medina is a three-time WSL Champion who won his third World Title last year. He has finished in the top three on the world rankings every year since he won his first Title in 2014. Medina withdrew from the opening events of the 2022 season to focus on his mental and physical health and well-being.

"Gabriel Medina will officially be the men's WSL Season wildcard for all competitions following the Mid-season Cut, starting with the Quiksilver Pro G-Land," said Renato Hickel, WSL Director of Tours and Competition. "With this wildcard, Gabriel will be eligible to qualify for the WSL Final 5, and he will also receive a spot in the 2023 CT season. We still have more wildcards to be determined: one more men's WSL season wildcard for the 2023 season, the the women's 2022 WSL season wildcard following the Mid-season Cut, the women's 2023 season wildcard, as well as the men's and women's wilcards for each competition. We are still reviewing these applications and will have a decision on the season wildcards by May 9."

The WSL season wildcard for the women will be determined by May 9. The WSL Tours and Competition team are still accepting and reviewing applications for this position.

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