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PLAYA DE PANTIN, Galicia - Spain (Wednesday, August 6, 2014) - The 27th edition of the Pantin Classic Galicia Pro, an ASP 3-Star Men's and 6-Star Women's event, will kick off August 26. Fresh off important events in Lacanau and Hossegor, a crowd of talented surfers will invade Galicia for an intense 6-day event window.

Crucial ranking points will be the main focus of attention for the Samsung Galaxy ASP World Championship Tour (WCT) competitors attending the Pantin competition, but the addition of Turkish Airlines as a sponsor brings excitement and a bonus prize for the winners. The airline will offer both the men and women's event champions a ticket to any of their 247 destinations worldwide.

Lineup in Pantin A classic view in the Pantin lineup - WSL / Laurent Masurel

Known as the "wave factory," La Playa de Pantin has competitors hopeful for more long rides and multiple turn sections.

Defending event champions Steven Pierson (PYF) and WCT surfer Nikki Van Dijk (AUS) will have their work cut out for them, with 160 surfers already registered in the competition.

'I hope for the exact same thing.' - Nikki Van Dijk, 2013 Event Winner

Currently ranked No. 10 on the elite Top 17, Van Dijk will need to repeat her past performance in Pantin to score enough points to ensure her chances to requalify; the QS series can help solidify her return to the WCT if she doesn't accrue enough points on that tour.

“It was truly one of the best moments in my surfing career to date winning the Pantin Classic Pro,” said Van Dijk. “It was such a fun and well surfed event for the girls and to win in Spain with everyone was amazing! Everyone was welcoming and supportive of surfing and the competition which was great.”

In the men's draw, Pierson will lead the crowd in hope of another great result in Galicia. Having scoured the QS series for years, the young Polynesian found a peaceful stopover in Galicia to recompose and build his confidence up mid-year.

Steven Pierson (PYF) Pierson, on route to victory last year - WSL / Thomas Lodin

“I've always loved this event, and it just made the win last year even more incredible,” he said. "I love Galicia, you can surf lefts and rights, with nobody out at some more isolated spots with huge cliffs and dense forests. On some levels I can compare it with home in that raw kind of atmosphere.”

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