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Pros Preview Swatch Women's Event at Trestles
The WCT Women's first trip to Trestles could be a dream if the Official Surfline forecast plays out as hoped.

According to Surfline's official Trestles forecast, some impressive south swell could be on tap for the men's Hurley Pro and the women's Swatch Pro, with both the event windows looking contestable, particularly during the first few days:

TUESDAY (9/9): 4-to-5-foot faces, some larger sets very possible on the best tides up to 6 feet.

WEDNESDAY (9/10): 3-to-4-foot faces, largest sets still up to 5-foot faces on the best tides.

The rest of the Surfline forecast looks good as well, but it's the real possibility of a swell bringing sets "a couple feet overhead" near the end of the event windows that has people getting excited. See for yourself.

"Going further out, we will see a solid, very long period SW swell (220-205) for the back half of the waiting period (15th-19th) from a storm now cranking away near New Zealand. The good news is that this storm has been very impressive thus far ..."

The bad news? Shadowing by Tahiti and French Polynesia will likely diminish some size and consistency. That said, according to Surfline, Tuesday (September 16) and Wednesday (September 17) might still be two days to remember.

"At this point we're (Surfline) looking at surf running in the head high to a couple feet overhead range at Lowers, with some larger sets not out of the question from later Monday all the way through Wednesday."

Stay tuned, as Surfline continues to monitor the maps and will refine the official Trestles forecast further over the next few days.

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