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Lakey Peterson and Filipe Toledo have each won an Innovation Award for specific maneuvers during the WCT events at Lower Trestles. Peterson's Swatch Women's Innovation Award recognized her air reverse in Round 4 of the Swatch Women's Pro, while Toledo's Hurley Men's Innovation Award honors his incredible air during the Hurley Pro at Trestles.

Swatch Women's Innovation Award winner: Lakey Peterson's Round 4 Air Reverse
The California native launches her air game to defeat World No. 1 Carissa Moore at Trestles.

Hurley and Swatch are presenting an Innovation Award to one surfer each from the men's and women's ASP World Championship Tours (WCT) for the boldest, most progressive performances during the contests at Lower Trestles. The honorees were announced on Finals day for the Swatch Women's Pro and Hurley Pro.

Hurley Men's Innovation Award winner: Filipe Toledo's Air Game
Filipe Toledo landed a full-rotation air in Round 2 to claim an Innovation Award nomination and the Monster Moment of opening day at the Hurley Pro.

Nestled in San Clemente, Calif., Trestles is a destination for progressive surfing; a Mecca with multiple, alluring breaks for visitors and locals alike. The waves here are often compared to a skate park featuring a consistent, ramp-like shape and long, crumbly lines. While the pros pull standard maneuvers to tally points, pushing the envelope during contests is par for the course. The Innovation Awards offer recognition outside the scope of heat wins and title claims.

ASP Desk: Innovation Award Review
Judges for the 2014 Innovation Award look at the most progressive performances of the Trestles contests to date.

"I'm looking for someone who is going to be a pioneer of progressive surfing," ASP Women's WCT commissioner Jessi Miley-Dyer said. "This is such a high-performance wave, the surfers who really go for it should be rewarded."

A collection of video clips showing the most innovative maneuvers was compiled throughout the events. After the last surfers are out of the water, ASP analysts Rosy Hodge, Martin Potter, and Ross Williams and ASP commissioners Kieren Perrow (men's WCT), Miley-Dyer and Peter Mel (BWWT) made their picks.

Other Nominations

Nominee: Gabriel Medina's Round 1 Air
World No. 1 launches his progressive style in the opening round of the Hurley Pro.
Stephanie Gilmore's Round 2 Rail Grab
The five-time Aussie champ breaks out serious style at the inaugural Swatch Women's Pro Trestles.
Jadson Andre's 8.40 Air-Reverse
The Brazilian pulls off an air-reverse on opening day of competition.
Sally Fitzgibbons Throws Fins
The Aussie's opening campaign at Lowers set the bar for women's progression at the contest.
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