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Saturday, October 11th, 2014 Hyuga, Miyazaki

2014 ASP JAPAN TOUR EVENT 6 "Malibu HYUGA PRO" (Men's QS 2 Star Event) and (men's longboard 1 star, and women's longboard 1 star events) commenced today at Miyazaki-ken.

Due to aspects from Typhoon VONGFONG event organizers were forced to put the event on mobile to the back up venue Shimoaso Beach in Nobeoka.

The event organizers ran round 1 and round 2 for the QS event and decided the quarter finalists. Round 1 and the quarter finals were finished for the LQS Men's and decided the semi finalists. The round 1, quarters, semis, and finals were finished today for the LQS Women and decided the champion. The quarters, semis, and finals were finished for the U-12 Grom and decided the champion.

3 Japanese Hatsumi Ui, Hiroka Yoshikawa, and Mizue Oguri joined by the Hawaiian Ashley Ahina Move to the LQS Women Final. Ashley scores 5.67 with a back up of 3.00 points to make a combined score of 8.67points. Yoshikawa scores 4.83 and 4.17 to overcome Ashley for a combined score of 9.00 to claim champion.

Hiroka Yoshikawa is LQS Women 2014 Champion!

For the U-12 Grom event, Arashi Murata, Riaru Ito, Roi Kanazawa, and Sota Hasegawa move to the finals. Ito scores an excellent 8.83points backed up by a 5.67pointer for a combined score of a 14.50 for a convince win.

Riaru Ito is 2014 U-12 Grom Champion!

Due to aspects from Typhoon VONGFONG tomorrow is expected to be final day for the event.

Malibu Hyuga Pro 2014 Women Final Results:

1st, 250Pts, U$1,000: Hiroka Yoshikawa 2nd, 118Pts, U$400: Ashley Ahina (HAW) 3rd, 141Pts, U$200: Hatsumi Ui 4th, 123Pts, U$150: Mizue Oguri

Malibu Hyuga Pro 2014 Grom Final Results:

1st, 750Pts: Riaru Ito 2nd, 563Pts: Arashi Murata 3rd, 422Pts: Sota Hasegawa 4th, 369Pts: Roi Kanazawa

The event boasts \3,000,000- total prize money on offer for the Star Series 2 star event, along with \700,000- for the men's LQS and women's LQS event named the "MALIBU HYUGA PRO LONGBOARD" respectively.

Stay tuned for official forecasts by Namidensetsu!!

「2014 MALIBU HYUGA PRO」will be broadcasted via internet throughout the event:

http://www.aspworldtour.com/events/2014/mqs/1021/malibu-hyuga-pro http://www.aspworldtour.com/events/2014/mlt/1020/malibu-hyuga-pro-longboard http://www.aspworldtour.com/events/2014/wlt/1022/malibu-hyuga-pro-longboard

「2014 MALIBU HYUGA PRO」 is proudly supported by the following sponsors:

・MALIBU ・Nitto Kaken Co., Ltd. ・RIPCURL JAPAN ・Akugare Shochu ・Kuroki Tettukoujo ・GoPro ・G-SHOCK ・Namidenstsu ・ASAHI SOF DRINKS ・DOVE Wetsuits ・C4 WATERMAN JAPAN

Event Hot Line number 090-3226-7731 or 080-4355-1999

■For further info contact ASP Japan Branch: 2-16-2-501 Kugenumakaigan Fujisawa, Kanagawa Japan 2510037 Tel:0466-30-2888 FAX: 0466-30-2889 Email:office@aspjapantour.com

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