2016 Paddle Award Winner: Aaron Gold

Aaron Gold at Jaws, Hawaii on January 15, 2016 (1/2). Surfer: Aaron Gold, Photographer: Brent Broza - WSL / Brent Broza

2016 Paddle Winner: Aaron Gold, Photograph by Brent Broza

It used to be said that there was a limit to what a human being could paddle into and every year surfers around the globe continue to push that limit up. This year the top honors went to Aaron Gold in the image taken by Brent Broza for paddling into a 63 foot wave at Jaws, setting a new world record in the process.

Paddle Nominees

Ben Andrews (San Francisco, California, USA) at Maverick's, California on February 4, 2015. (Photo nominees: by Fred Pompermayer and Frank Quirarte. Video nominee Larry Haynes.)
Pedro Calado (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) at Jaws, Maui, Hawaii on January 15, 2016. (Photo nominees:, Brent Bielmann, Brian Bielmann, Wangdu Hovey and Tom Servais. Video nominee: Dan Norkunas.)
Aaron Gold (Haleiwa, Hawaii, USA) at Jaws, Maui, Hawaii on January 15, 2016. (Photo nominees:, Brent Bielmann, Brent Broza, Aaron Lynton and Fred Pompermayer. Video nominee: Elliot Leboe.)
Mark Healey (Haleiwa, Hawaii, USA) at Puerto Escondido, Mexico on May 3, 2015. (Photo nominees: Nikki Brooks, Ben DeCamp, Astrid Fonseca and Edwin Morales. Video nominee: Jaciel Santiago.)
Manny Resano (Playa Popoyo, Nicaragua) at Maverick's, California on December 7, 2015. (Photo nominees: Sachi Cunningham, Benjamin Ginsberg and Frank Quirarte. Video nominee: Rafael Sauro.)

Aaron Gold, winner of the 2016 Paddle In Award on his massive wave at Jaws measuring in at 63 feet. Aaron Gold claimed the Paddle In award for taking on a 63 foot wave at Jaws. - WSL / Zach Wojcik
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