A Coruña Prepares to Host First-Ever European Surf Festival

Surfers from all over Europe are flocking to Galicia for the upcoming inaugural edition of the Pro A Coruña Surf Fest. This exciting first-ever European Surf Festival in A Coruña will gather athletes from all specialties in six categories: QS men & women, Longboard QS men and women, Junior QS men and women.

Pressure levels rise as competition approaches quickly for what will be Stop N°4 on the regional Qualifying Series, the launch of the second half in the Junior title race and the third Longboarding event this season in Europe.

A brand new addition to the European circuit this year, this event already attracts surfers from well behind the Old Continent frontiers with athletes from Australasia, North and South-America as well as Africa coming to discover the hidden treasures of Galicia.

The venue: A Coruña is the second-largest city of Galicia, built around its huge port that ships agricultural goods from the region all-over the world. A large promontory offers incredible views of the Ria da Coruña estuary and city-centre with playa de Orzán offering waves right in the heart of the city.

While the main beach might suffer inconsistency in swell during summer, organizers have set up an alternative location at playa de Caión which should pick up any swell on offer with its west - northwest facing front.

If conditions play nice, the event could start as early as Tuesday, with the men's qualifying series action, the largest format of competition with 80 athletes in contention, before moving to the women's QS and junior events on Wednesday and Thursday, finishing the Juniors on Friday to complete the QS and longboard events over the weekend.

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