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Fighting for His Tour Life, Jadson Sends John John to Round Two

Jadson Andre's year has not been going well. He's been dealing with a nagging ankle injury and currently sits on the wrong side of the Championship Tour qualification bubble at 25th. Making matters worse, his QS rating is 58th, nowhere close to where he needs it to be. He's fighting for his professional life right now and he knows it.

Jadson, though, is not one to shy away from a challenge. When, like him, you're born to a 15-year-old dad and a 14-year-old mom in the poorest state in Brazil, and spend your childhood collecting aluminum cans for money, you learn how to scrap and claw to get what you want.

So when Jadson started out his Round One heat against John John Florence and wildcard Miguel Blanco, he knew what to do. He began with a pair of mid-range sixes and then spent the rest of the heat shadowing world No. 1, Florence.

"I said sorry to him after the heat because I put some pressure on him," said Andre. "That's my job. That's what I have to do sometimes to win heats."

Florence was not all upset by the hassling. He graciously told Andre he'd do the same if the situation was reversed. This is the time of the year when everyone, be it world title contenders or guys just trying to stay on tour, must battle to win.

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