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Highlights: Florence and Medina Take Tricky Round Two Wins

Dropping tide and inconsistent sets at Supertubos gave World Title contenders a scare during their Round Two matchups. Still, frontrunners Florence and Medina managed to break into Round Three with marginal heat totals. Florence, the Jeep rankings leader, took a win over Rip Curl Pro wildcard Miguel Blanco, while Medina, World No. 2, just barely made it past Australian rookie Ryan Callinan.

Matt Wilkinson, World No. 3, wasn't so fortunate. He went down to Frenchman Jeremy Flores, who posted the highest heat total of the morning with back-to-back barrels. Despite a solid effort from the World No. 3, his Round Two exit took him out of the Title Race.

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Song: Are We Ready? (Wreak)

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