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From Zero: Jeremy Flores Profile

While Jeremy Flores has led the charge in European surfing for over a decade, the Frenchman had to carve his own path to get there.

Growing up in the isolated French territory of Reunion Island, Jeremy was blessed with world-class surf in his backyard. However, with no surf industry to speak of, he had to fight for his pro surfing dream on the international stage. Luckily, Flores didn't have to beg anyone to help his cause. From a young age, his raw talent spoke for itself.

Jeremy's smooth style and competitive fire earned him an elite spot on the Championship Tour when he was just 18-years-old, and although he's done well to stay there, he's also had his share of bumps and blow-ups along the way. Still, his hard-charging approach has won events at two of the world's heaviest waves: Pipeline and Teahupo'o. At just 28-years-old, with 10 years of Tour experience under his belt, he continues to pose a threat in all conditions. At this point though, he seems more than satisfied with his career...

"I've achieved dreams, I've come from zero, and i've become one of the top surfers in the now it's all bonus."

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