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Conner Coffin Cuts Loose at Margaret River

Conner Coffin is a confidence man. His technical rail game, refined by legendary style guru Brad Gerlach, is well suited to the face-y walls of Margaret River's Main Peak, and his ability to add flair with subtle hand jive plays to his "steez" factor. But what doesn't always get noticed with Coffin is an ability to gain momentum throughout a heat. As his confidence builds, his surfing takes on an added dimension of rhythm, quality and commitment. Much of this return to form must be attributed to the fact that his banged up knee looks to be returning to full health. At Snapper, he appeared hesitant to push it full throttle and it did his surfing a disservice. Without the confidence to go 100 percent full-tilt boogie, his surfing lost its edge. But that edge is back, and so is Coffin's mojo.

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