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Erickson's Upset of Courtney Conlogue Shakes Up Race

Sage Erickson finished No. 9 on the Jeep Leaderboard rankings in 2016. After three years of living on the edge of Tour survival, she's found her place. Her next goal is to be a more consistent threat to the power brokers on the women's side. Courtney Conlogue is a perfect example. In six previous meetings Erickson lost five. Given Courtney is one of the most dominant surfers at Margaret River, that's a tall order. But Erickson turned the tables on Conlogue today by drawing on her for inspiration. The two are old friends who've been battling for years. Conlogue pays no mind to obstacles, and that's inspired Erickson. Today, that inspiration got her over the hump in their Quarterfinal match. A huge win for Erickson. A very tough loss for Conlogue, who's having a rough start to 2017.

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