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Moore Snakebitten Again

The women's Quarterfinals got underway with a massive match between Carissa Moore and Courtney Conlogue, two of Bells' best. Moore is a 3x winner, and statistically she's the top performer on the women's side. Conlogue, meanwhile, is a very enthusiastic defending champion - almost too enthusiastic. Conlogue fell midway through her first solid opportunity, and Carissa took advantage by grabbing the lead. Courtney clawed her way back, literally, via a paddle paddle that gave her a crucial priority right when she needed it most. By winning it, she got the next wave of the heat, and earned a high 8. She backed that up with a high 7 to take the lead. Then Carissa inexplicably blew her final opportunity, paddling for a wave and missing it, handing the victory to Conlogue.

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