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Highlights: Title Plot Thickens Saturday at the Oi Rio Pro

Saturday the Oi Rio Women's Pro was a veritable bloodbath for some of the top seeds, while on the men's side the door cracked open in the Title race. First up was the shocking elimination of reigning World Champ John John Florence, who won this event last year in Rio and is a huge fan favorite. He was defeated at the hands of Brazilian Yago Dora, a local wildcard whose mix of aerials and tactics proved to be lethal. Next up was Filipe Toledo, another former winner, who fell under the calm and collected Kanoa Igarashi.

Among the women, Sage Erickson ousted powerhouse Courtney Conlogue, while Tour sophomore Keely Andrew defeated veteran Lakey Peterson and Nikki Van Dijk took down Jeep Leader - and 6x World Champion - Stephanie Gilmore.

All that, amid a massive, passionate crowd and the beach was one big surf party.

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