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Carissa Moore Makes a Statement

There was a time not long ago when the only knock against 3x World Champion Carissa Moore were her performances in Fiji. But things have changed, and that part of her relationship with Cloudbreak is now clearly in the rear view mirror.

"I got challenged in the big conditions this week," said Moore of warm-up sessions in solid 6-foot, windy conditions leading up to the event. On the back of a run to the Finals last year, Moore's confidence in bowly, shallow lefthand reefs has risen to an equilibrium with her world-class technique and progression. "It reminds me of some waves at home [Oahu's South Shore], there were some gems out there," she said, "but I was surprised to get a nine." Her nine-point ride in Round One was the highest of the entire round and put her competition -- Enever and Van Dijk -- under pressure from the opening moments.

Moore jumps straight to Round Three. "It feels good to skip Round Two, nobody loses and I can have some fun again, but I need to try to stay in the moment."

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