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Matt Wilkinson Is Back Where He Belongs

After an epic run to the Final at last year's Fiji Pro, world No. 5 Matt Wilkinson picked up right where he left off during his Round One heat victory today. Stoked as ever, the Aussie wildman was buzzing on the conditions out at Cloudbreak, sounding like a grom guzzling his third energy drink.

"When you're a little kid you draw perfect waves with little islands in foreground," he said. "That's pretty much what we've got here!" Conditions early in the day were pristine, with slightly crossed-up, double-overhead walls stacking up on the ledge at Cloudbreak. The only downside for heat winners like Wilko in Round One? You'll only surf once. "I'll have a little bit of FOMO not getting to surf again in Round Two," said a smirking Wilkinson, "but happy skip a round, too."

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