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Rookie Connor O'Leary Defeats Kelly Slater

Connor O'Leary's outstanding run of form on his maiden voyage aboard the Dream Tour just got better. In a Round Three marquee matchup versus Kelly Slater -- the four-time Fiji Pro winner and captain of Team Outerknown -- O'Leary did well to take advantage of a dearth of opportunities in the ever-changing Cloudbreak lineup. While both surfers rued a lack of chances in a wave-starved heat, Slater only need a 4-point ride to turn the heat in the dying moments, but O'Leary was able to hang on. The win further solidifies O'Leary's stranglehold on the Rookie of the Year chase. With at least a 9th-place finish now in the bag here in Fiji, he'll look to improve upon his outstanding Quarterfinal result at Snapper Rocks.

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