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Jeremy Flores Looks Sharp

Ever since he first arrived on the Championship Tour a decade ago, Jeremy Flores has been a dangerous draw in all types of conditions. Although many of his best results have occurred at places like Pipeline and Teahupo'o, a wave like Lowers provides the opportunity for the Frenchman to unleash his small-wave repertoire. When he's on, his surfing is serpentine, as he rhythmically coils and uncoils his body through a series of twisting torques. After his win over Owen Wright, who's ranked World No. 4, and Josh Kerr, ranked No. 35, in Round One at the Hurley Pro at Trestles, Flores credited his shaper -- Gold Coast-based Jason Stevenson of JS Industries surfboards -- and his equipment for the win. "JS is making me look as good as I can look," he said with a smile. "You've got to be on the best waves in that 30-minute time, if you're not you lose, simple as that."

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