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Toledo's At It Again

Even though the odds are stacked against him due a few poor results this season -- specifically a pair of 25ths and a zero -- World No. 9 Filipe Toledo has not given up on winning his first WSL World Championship in 2017. "I still want to go to Hawaii to get the World Title," said the Brazilian-turned-San Clemente local. "It's still on my mind to stay in the fight for a title." Toledo used his home turf advantage against European rookies Leo Fioravanti and Joan Duru to grab the highest heat score of Round One, 17.60, that included an electric 9.43. "It's super special," he said, referring to competing in his adopted home town, "it's extra motivation to get a good result." With the back end of the Tour schedule playing to his strengths, a deep run at Lowers could set the stage for a dramatic late-season push toward a Championship run.

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