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Carissa Moore Soars Into Quarterfinals of Swatch Pro

By any measure, Carissa Moore has had mixed results this season. The three-time World Champion and perennial top-five threat is currently sitting at No. 9 on Jeep Leaderboard. That's not only a far cry from her typical numbers, but also dangerously close to the re-qualification cutoff (only the top 10 on the rankings re-qualify with CT standings). But then again, no matter what spot Moore's at, she's one of the most consistent performers on Tour, even when the pressure is on. At the Swatch Pro at Trestles Tuesday, in her do-or-die Round Two battle against Malia Manuel, she reminded everyone that her competitive mojo is alive and well. To the delight of the crowd -- and the judges -- she threw this air-reverse for a top-notch score, and the heat win.

Moore backed that up with another strong one in Round Three over Lakey Peterson and Tyler Wright, earning a fast track trip to the Quarterfinals.

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