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Jordy Smith Keeps Profile Intact at Lower Trestles

Jordy Smith's mission to keep padding his Lowers stats continued on Thursday at the Hurley Pro at Trestles. The two-time event winner and current Jeep Leader has been looking very comfortable all week while ripping through rounds. Smith's 69 percent heat win percentage (HWP) at Lower Trestles is second only to that of Kelly Slater, a six-time winner here. This wave is Smith's training ground when he's home in California, and it's looking like it too. But he nearly got a little too comfortable during his Quarterfinal heat with Frederico Morais. Smith surfed well within his range on one wave, while Frederico cranked it up a notch. With time running out, Smith needed more than an 8 to regain the lead. Fortunately for Smith and his fans, he cranked things up and then some on his final ride, unleashing a flurry of vicious hacks that relayed a clear message: he's in to win.

Smith will now face Ace Buchan in the Semifinals.

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