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Filipe Toledo's Hurley Pro Win Makes Him First Repeat Winner of 2017

Filipe Toledo is always a favorite coming into the Hurley Pro at Trestles. Ever since he moved to San Clemente in 2014, the renowned California point has become his adopted home wave. He lights it up on a continual basis when he's in town, putting his incredibly progressive style to the test. But his Hurley Pro at Trestles track record -- while certainly respectable -- hasn't exactly lived up to the hype...until today.

Toledo finally ripped his way into a Trestles Final on Friday, after being stopped in the Semifinals twice before. He had to get through Kanoa Igarashi and John John Florence to do it. His last obstacle was Jeep Leader Jordy Smith, another Championship Tour pro who calls San Clemente home now, too. Jordy had been on fire all week, looking motivated in his quest to stay in the Jeep Leaders' jersey. But Toledo got busy -- and stayed busy -- in their Final, while Smith played the patience game.

In the end, Toledo's strategy of death by a thousand hacks was the right one. The Brazilian is now the first surfer to rack up two wins this season, and he's jumped into this year's World Title race.

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