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Post Show Report from Finals Day at Lower Trestles

It was a banner day for the Brazilians at Lower Trestles, where Filipe Toledo and Silvana Lima were crowned champions of the men's and women's Championship Tour events. Toledo took out Kanoa Igarashi, John John Florence and Jordy Smith to claim his second victory of the season in the Hurley Pro. Toledo became the first surfer on the men's side to collect more than one win all year. He moved two spots up the Jeep Leaderboard with the victory, to No. 7, which means he's still a World Title threat if he can keep his current pace going through Europe.

Meanwhile, Silvana Lima's inspiring performance in the Swatch Pro left many of her fans on the beach in tears. The 32-year-old comes from humble roots, and has fallen off the Championship Tour twice since her last CT victory in 2010. Her triumphant return to the podium came by way of incredible surfing, with Lima besting the likes of Carissa Moore, Stephanie Gilmore, Lakey Peterson and the in-form Keely Andrew.

The WSL broadcast team of Ronnie Blakey, Peter Mel, and Barton Lynch break down the eventful day.

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