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Fanning, Florence and Parkinson Deliver During Superheat

Anytime World Champs face off head-to-head, sparks will fly. When you put three in the water at the same time, the clash is destined to explode. With a combined five World Titles and five Quiksilver Pro France titles shared between John John Florence, Mick Fanning and Joel Parkinson, expectations were running high when Round Four Heat 3 hit the water. And the Superheat did not disappoint, with both Florence and Fanning posting a pair of excellent scores, while Parkinson stayed within striking distance for most of the heat. In the end, it took a big frontside 540 punt from the reigning Champ to seal the deal. Florence goes straight to the Quarterfinals, while Fanning and Parko head to the Round Five elimination round.

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