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World Champ Tyler Wright: "I'm So In Love With My Job"

Tyler Wright's return to the top in 2017 shouldn't come as a surprise. When she captured her first World Title in 2016, she did it by winning five of the 10 events on Tour. Dominance like that doesn't fade overnight. But Wright is the first one to acknowledge how much more competitive the landscape is getting these days, and how that's making things much tougher for everyone on Tour. "I think we've all kinda found our place," she says. "We've all been on tour for a couple years and we've all grown up enough to say, 'Alright, let's start pushing it.'"

She credits this year's breakout performances from Nikki Van Dijk, Sage Erickson and a resurgent Silvana Lima for that attitude. "From the very top to No. 17 on Tour everyone is pushing really hard right now."

Amidst the heightened competition, however, Wright's been able to gain perspective on her day job. Compared to the emotional roller coaster of 2016, this year's journey was much more even-keeled. Competing is not something she's stressing over. Instead, she's enjoying the process for what it is, a vehicle to improve and better herself. A few years ago, Wright couldn't imagine herself being on Tour for long, but not anymore. The journey has changed her. "Today...I see a very long career," Tyler says. "I'm so in love with my job."

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