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World Title Race: Wilson Keeps It Interesting

Australian Julian Wilson is certainly a long shot for this year's World Title, but he's doing his part to keep things interesting. On Sunday morning he survived a tough Round Two match against wildcard Benji Brand at the Billabong Pipe Masters, and advanced to Round Three. The Australian's title hopes hang on not only a Pipe Masters win, but long before that, he'll need John John Florence to lose in Round Three.

"I know that nothing is going to happen until Round Three," said Wilson post-heat."I know Gabby [Gabriel Medina, World No. 2] had a good heat before me. It's great to still have a shot at it. I'm really happy we waited for today. Conditions are much better with barrels on offer for us to battle it out."

2017 World Title Showdown The highlighted result for each contender is the minimum required to have a shot at capturing a World Title. Current Jeep Leader John John Florence is the only one who can clinch if he loses early, but only if the rest of the contenders fail to reach their requirements. WSL

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