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Highlights: Volcom Pipe Pro Opening Day

The Volcom Pipe Pro, a QS3,000 event in Hawaii, launched today in 4-6ft. surf with plenty of scoring opportunity on offer in the form of barrels and devil wind ramps. Standouts included Honolulu's Noa Mizuno and South Africa's Matt McGillivray who nabbed the best scores of the day, equal 8.0's for tubes and aerial launches.

Pipe dished out a variety of conditions today and surfers grinded it out in Rounds 1 and 2, with contest organizers ultimately putting a halt to the competition after Round 2 Heat 2 due to declining surf and unfavorable winds.

Catch the day's highlights and stay tuned for more action as a new/solid WNW-NW swell fills in for an epic weekend.

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