Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast

Talk Behind the Totem - Gold Coast

Greg Brown, celebrated Australian competitor and renowned big wave shaper from Victoria, is the man behind the Quiksilver and Roxy Pro Gold Coast trophies - totems of fine craftsmanship emblematic of the focus, commitment and talent it takes to attain one.

The ASP caught up with Greg to get his take on the hardware:

I grew up in Lorne with Wayne Lynch and started competing in the 70s and 80s with the State Titles and the Aussie National Titles. I had a relationship with Maurice Cole and Kym Thompson and there was always an opportunity to take up shaping and learn from him. In 1986, I founded my surfboard label "Roar". In 1990, I changed the name to "Gash".

...it wasn't going to come out looking like an anvil or something

I started crafting the trophies in the third year of the Pro I think - 2005 or 2006. Simon Buttonshaw from Quiksilver approached me and wanted me to build a trophy for the event. They wanted something tribal like a spear, but they obviously couldn't do that. So next we thought about a shield and in the ended we blended those elements into the surfboard trophy. I guess that should have been expected as I build boards for a living...it wasn't going to come out looking like an anvil or something. It's not based off the boards I build as the blend of the spear, shield and surfboard concept requires a specialized approach. Machine won't do so all the trophies are shaped by hand.

It always feels amazing to see your work up there celebrating such great surfers. It's a real honor. A friend of mine and I were talking about it last night actually and when we were listing everyone who has one - Kelly Slater, Mick Lowe, Mick Fanning, Joel Parkinson, Stephanie Gilmore, Carissa Moore - it's a very distinguished honor to be a part of it.

When asked if we could send people to a website for him, Greg politely responded with, "I've never turned a computer on in my life. I work with my hands, not my fingertips." However, if you're in the State of Victoria, ask around for Gash Surfboards.

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