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Gabriel Medina and Stephanie Gilmore have taken out the Quiksilver and Roxy Pro Gold Coast, with Medina earning a stunning come-from-behind win over local hero Joel Parkinson, while Gilmore lit up the Final against young South African Bianca Buitendag from start to finish.

For Medina, the historic Gold Coast victory stamps his name as the first Brazilian ever to win at the Quiksilver Pro and only the second goofy-footer to do so. In addition, the win slots the Brazilian fly-boy as ASP World No. 1 for the first time in his young career.

For Gilmore, the win in front of her hometown crowd marks a return to form. Following a 2013 slump where the five-time ASP World Champion was absent from the podium, Gilmore would collect her fifth Roxy Pro Gold Coast victory, overtaking the World Title frontrunner position for the first time since 2012.

Following each of their respective efforts, both Medina and Gilmore sat down with the ASP for a live Facebook chat, where fans could get some one-on-one interaction with two of their favorite surfers via the ASP Facebook page. Below are some questions from the fans and answers from the champs.

Is it hard to control your mind and stress in to the final heat or you can get over it and have fun?
Medina: I think stress is something you create on yourself it doesn't actually exist until you make it. I enjoy my surroundings and adapt to what the conditions are like.

What size board did you ride?
Gilmore: I was riding 5'9" x 18 1/8" x 2 3/16" rounded pin DHD Darren Handley Designs Ducks Nuts model.

Where is the most challenging surf break you have ever surfed and why?
Gilmore: I feel like Cloudbreak - My backhand is a bit of a weakness growing up surfing Snapper.

"It's one of the best feelings in the world to surf good waves and win the event in front of the home crowd." - Stephanie Gilmore

Who is the competitor you think will give you a run for the title this year?
Gilmore: Carissa (Moore), Tyler (Wright) and Courtney Conlogue.

Gabriel, we're stoked to hopefully see you guys back at J Bay in South Africa in July. You gotta be looking forward to that break after your showing against Parko?
Medina: I've never been to J-bay, I'm going a week or two early to get ready. It's one of the best rights in the world and I can't wait to surf it.

Gabe..I'm from Brazil and I'm very proud of all the Brazilians! How does it feel to do well this year after getting back from the injury in December. Do you think that you, Mineiro (Adriano de Souza) or Alejo (Muniz) could be Champion?
Medina: I feel good, I had two injuries last year and I think that made me stronger. The way we started the year has been good, I think we could see a Brazilian World Champ this year.

How much do you train per week and what do you eat?
Gilmore: Surfing everyday and training two-to-three times per week, stretching and eating fresh food. Lots of fruits and vegetables mixed with protein, but I love chocolate too!

How does feel to take down so many locals to win the Quiksilver Pro?
Medina: It felt like home, I heard so many people screaming my name, it helped me go harder and believe I can win.

Gabe, how do you feel after winning this first event of the season? Hard work pays off! abraço de Portugal, valeu!
Medina: Haha it's weird, but it feels really good! There are so many events to come and I just have to try and keep focused.

Gabriel and Steph how does it feel to paddle in to shore with all of the Gold Coast cheering for you?
Gilmore: It's one of the best feelings in the world to surf good waves and win the event in front of the home crowd. It's super cool.

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