It's ON: ASP GoPro Challenge

With the world's best surfers competing in the idyllic setting that is Margaret River in Western Australia, ASP is excited to host the GoPro Challenge.

The ASP GoPro Challenge is a video competition planned for four stops on the men's 2014 WCT -- Margaret River, Fiji, Tahiti and Portugal -- and two women's WCT stops -- Fiji and Maui. The ASP GoPro Challenge window opens two days prior to the event window and runs through the final day.

The winner at each event is decided by a panel of five judges - Three ASP staff and two from the team at GoPro - based on the following criteria:

  • Cinematography (25%)
  • Degree of difficulty of shooting (25%)
  • Perspective (25%)
  • Overall beauty and lighting (25%)

The ASP GoPro Challenge winner at each stop receives US$15,000 if the clip was captured during official WCT competition or US$10,000 if it comes from a free surf during the contest window. Note that it's the shooter who wins though and not the subject. It's the person with the GoPro in their hand, on their board, in their mouth who gets the the cash!

Check out all the clips from the ASP GoPro Challenge: Margaret River Drug Aware Pro

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