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Updated Surfline Forecast: Billabong Rio Pro

Updated Friday evening, May 8

BRIEF OVERVIEW: The surf will build through the weekend, strongest on Sunday, before easing through the new week. Onshore flow will prevail most of the weekend before local wind conditions improve for the new week.

SATURDAY 10th: Building S swell mix
4-5' occ. 6' faces, fairly peaky off the mix of swells. Some larger sets possible in the afternoon up to a couple feet overhead as the swell builds.
WIND: Onshore SW wind 5-8kts in the morning, increasing to 7-11kts in the afternoon.

SUNDAY 11th: S/SSE swell mix continues
SURF: 4-6' occ. 7' faces with a few larger sets possible, again fairly peaky off the mix of swells. Storm dependent, stay tuned.
WIND: Moderate E wind (side/onshore) 8-15kts; lighter early and strongest for the afternoon.

MONDAY 12th: SE/ESE swell mix eases
SURF: 3-5' faces, occ. 6' sets in the morning and fairly peaky off the mix of swells. Storm dependent, stay tuned
WIND: Potential for improved conditions with light offshore N wind in the morning. Stay tuned.

TUESDAY 12th: SE/ESE swell mix fades
SURF: 3-4' faces, potential for a few leftover larger sets in the morning.
WIND: Favorable conditions look likely in the morning with light offshore N wind. Stay tuned.

Long Range Surf Outlook
The current SSE swell will continue to ease into Friday morning with surf down a bit more from today (Thur). Early morning wind will be favorable, but onshore flow will kick in by mid morning and continue for the afternoon.

We will see the surf begin to creep back up Friday later afternoon/evening, although the bulk of the surf will fill in for the weekend. There are two sources for this swell/surf: 1) a recent storm off the coast of Argentina that has produced long period SSW swell; and 2) and S/SSE swell from a storm now developing about 900 miles off the coast of Brazil.

Saturday morning will see lully surf in the head high range, with a bump up in size and consistency Saturday afternoon as the shorter period S/SSE swell fills in. Larger sets Saturday afternoon/evening and into Sunday should be up to 1-2' overhead (6-7' faces) if the nearby stormy behaves as forecast. We're expecting just a slow easing trend on Monday as the swell direction turns more to the SE, with a continued fade into Tuesday.

Going further out, the 14th-15th looks slow, with just leftovers from the weekend swell. Long range charts/models point to a little bump of new S swell for the final couple days of the waiting period but it looks pretty small at this time. Stay tuned.

Local Wind: Light NW wind early morning on Friday will give way to onshore flow by mid morning that will build for the afternoon from the SW/WSW.

Onshore flow remains on track for the weekend: wind now looks a little lighter for Saturday but still onshore from the SW through the day. Stronger side/onshore flow from the E prevails Sunday.

Lighter and more favorable wind (N direction) is forecast to return Monday and Tuesday the 12th-13th, especially for the mornings. Stay tuned, we'll have more refined details on that in the next few days.

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