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20 Questions with John John Florence

John John Florence (HAW) is one of the most dynamic surfers in the world. From his prodigious Pipeline performances, world class results in a jersey and premier freesurf clips, Florence is touted by many purists as one of the best all-around contenders. The Hawaiian's aquatic abilities are no secret, but what about his life outside of the water? Grind TV recently put together a list of 20 things you didn't know about the popular regular-footer.

He was vegetarian for the first half of his life, and mostly ate Annie's Organic & Natural Mac and Cheese.

He likes helicopters and planes -- toys, real ones, whatever.

He likes big things —- big boats, big trucks, etc.

He likes maté tea in the afternoon and a good strong coffee in the morning.

He donates to several organizations to help kids with cancer and other illnesses.

He recycles.

He sings like Glenn Danzig.

He was in honors classes at Kahuku High School and always did his homework.

He loves Caesar salad.

He was named after John F. Kennedy Jr., or “John John.”

He's been riding Pyzel surfboards since he was six years old.

He likes to wear black.

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