No sponsor yet for 2015 Surfest women's event

Surfest organisers have until the end of September to find a sponsor to enable a 6-Star women's Qualifying Series event in 2015.

While a 6-Star men's QS event is assured for the event's 30th year thanks to ongoing support from long term sponsor Burton Family Toyota, Surfest chief Warren Smith says the search for a sponsor for an equivalent women's event is yet to prove fruitful. "We have to advise the ASP by the end of September whether we are locking in because the surfers are planning their schedules for 2015," Mr Smith said.

Malia Manuel has been the most consistent performer at this year's Hunter Ports Women's Classic.  ASP/Will H-S 2014 Hunter Ports Womens Classic Champion Malia Manuel WSL

"As of yet we have no sponsor locked in. To run a 6-Star women's contest needs $US40,000 just in prize money but there's unavoidable organisational fees that push the overall cost to around AUD$55,000.

ASP Australasia General Manager Dane Jordan said that Surfest is one of the world's most respected surfing events and that it had hosted some incredible women surfers through its 29-year history.

"Women's surfing is one of the fasting growing sports in the world in regards to skill progression, level of participation and the amount of attention received from world-wide media and fans, " he said.

Burton Toyota Pro Men's and Hunter Ports Women's Classic Women's are ASP 6 Star Qualifying Series Rated with many of the World's best surfers competing for vital points on the Association of Surfing Professionals 2014  Qualifying Series Tour. 2014 Hunter Ports Womens Classic runner-up Alessa Quizon WSL / Steve Robertson

"Women's surfing promotes healthy living and lifestyle that no other sport or sponsorship opportunity can compare to and Surfest and is a fantastic way to align a brand with the marketing and momentum that is women's surfing," Mr Jordan said.

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