Second Annual Surfing Medicine Conference Announced in Sagres

SAGRES - Portugal (Tuesday, June 11, 2013) - A second edition of the European Association of Surfing Doctors (EASD) conference is confirmed in Sagres, Portugal from October 2-5. After a succesful inaugural edition last year, the EASD has received positive feedbacks from professionals in and out of the surfing community and will reconvene for four days of conferences and workshops. Find out more details in the following press release.

"The European Association of Surfing Doctors is proud to announce their second annual Conference in Surfing Medicine taking place 2 to 5 October 2013, in Sagres, Portugal.

Experts from all over the world will gather at the south west cape of Europe for the largest meeting in Surfing Medicine.

Health awareness is growing in Surf community cause of several reasons and plays an important role in professionalization of the Surf sport.

The surf sport is practiced by 30 million people and has grown into the roots of families and entire generations. The surfers´ travel behaviour has changed by exploring waves in tropical and arctic destinations and hereby exposes surfers to a variety of new health risks. Flying youngsters have more “arial time“ than ever and are presenting themselves with new injury patterns. For example: one of the major problems that surfers encounter is sun exposure, causing chronic diseases in surfers, like skin cancer and eye pathologies. Our aim of the conference is to tackle the most relevant and exotic medical conditions that affect the surfer, and strive to ensure state of the art and evidence based answers to the surfing community.

The line up of our conference speakers will be highlighted by a well-known guest, Andrew Nathanson from the United States, an expert in the field of Surfing Medicine, author of Surf Survival and Clinical Associated Professor in Emergency Medicine.

The conference will have an exciting program including workshops in pre-hospital care, lifeguarding and surf physiotherapy.

We hereby want to invite surfing medical professionals to join us in the second annual Conference in Surfing Medicine. Also we ask you to actively contribute by submitting your abstract for a poster presentation of a case report or research project about medical conditions that affect the surfer.

Take a look at our program, download our flyer to spread the word in your hospital, and apply for the conference on!

See you in Sagres!

The EASD - Passion for surfing & medicine"

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