Luck of the Irish Lineup

In honor of St. Patrick's Day, soak up this Big Wave Awards submission from Kurt Rist at Ireland's rising surf star, Mullaghmore Head.

Ireland is known more for its rolling hills than its surf spots. And with frigid water and inconsistent conditions, it hasn't become a surfing destination like tropical Hawaii and Fiji, or even its European neighbors to the south, France, Portugal and Spain.

This season, however, the North Atlantic has been going off. The Big Wave Tour's Punta Galea Challenge in Spain ran in December. And in early November, a massive swell hit a small region off the Northwest coast of Ireland, smashing into Mullaghmore Head. Kurt Rist (IRL), one of Ireland's premier big wave surfers, was there to take advantage.

Check out Rist's submission to the 2014/2015 Big Wave Awards Tube category. You'll see why more people should consider the Emerald Isle for their next surf trip.

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