Fantasy Pick 'Em Rules

Here’s how to play:

  • Pick each Women’s and Men’s match winner of the Rip Curl WSL Finals. You can change your picks up until the match starts.

  • You earn points for each correct pick. The points per correct pick rise the more you get right.

  • Scoring Scale:
    0 correct picks: 0 points
    1 correct pick: 100 points
    2 correct picks: 200 points
    3 correct picks: 500 points
    4 correct picks: 900 points

  • You also earn 100 “underdog” points each time you correctly pick the lower seed to win.

  • You will be awarded Tiebreaker Points for the final heats of each Title Match based on your predictions of the four surfers’ heat totals. You will start with 80 Tiebreaker Points, 20 for each surfer, and the difference between your predicted heat totals and the actual heat totals will be deducted from your 80 Tiebreaker Points.

  • Your Women’s and Men’s picks are scored separately and then added together to get your total score.
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