Praia de Caparica, Almada / Portugal - The Caparica Primavera Surf Fest is coming up in just a few weeks now and organizers have released exciting news about the music festival lineup and on-site structures. A large dome-like tent will host ten days of musical entertainment right on the beach, following the day's surfing action.

With artists such as Agir, Dj Ride, Dj Overule and Dj Glue, the festival will attract many fans of the up-and-coming Portuguese hip hop, new R&B and dubstep scene to Caparica come April.

The Men and Women's JQS1,000 promises another kind of red-hot action with almost a hundred surfers already signed up to compete in the inaugural Caparica Primavera Surf Fest. This first event of the European Junior series will see the very best of under-21 surfing talents battle it out for an early lead in the regional title race and world final qualification race.

All eyes will turn towards Tim Bisso (GLP), as the young Carribean surfer leads the pack in 2015 alongside Miguel Blanco (PRT), number one Portuguese surfer before the season's start. On the women's side, this season will rekindle the exciting battle witnessed last year with Kim Veteau (GLP) in pole position following her strong start in the Australian leg of the QS series earlier this year.

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