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EVENT WINDOW: September 1-6, 2015
LOCATION: Playa de Pantin, Galicia / Spain
COORDINATES: 43.6344° N, -8.1037° W
BAGGAGE CLAIM: A Coruña Airport, A Coruña / Galicia (LCG)

THE LOCATION: The playa de Pantin sits a few kilometers North of the city of Ferrol in Galicia, Spain. Only a short drive from the regional capital of A Coruña, Pantin is the perfect beach getaway for a day or a weekend outdoors. Several other beautiful white-sanded beaches are accessible in the area, making it easy to find a quiet spot in the midst of summer.

THE HISTORY: One of the longest standing professional surfing events on the European continent, the Pantin Classic Galicia Pro enters its 28th edition in 2015. It has witnessed most legends of the sport battle in the fierce Galician conditions for a place in the local history books.

THE WAVE: A powerful beachbreak, "the wave factory" as it is referred to locally, produces waves all-year long with a rare consistency, the coast being battled by swells from every possible directions.

The main peak is located on the northern end of the beach, where a long left and right break at all tides. It can handle size and is a difficult piece of machinery to apprehend when rips start getting into play.

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