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Updated Tuesday morning, April 14, local time.

Peter Mel breaks down the Surfline forecast for the Drug Aware Margaret River Pro.

The near-term forecast for the men's Drug Aware Margaret River Pro and women's contest is in and it's predicted to be huge when things kick off April 15.

"Considering what we've had to deal with up at the Gold Coast and now at Bells, the forecast for the Margaret River Pro looks enticing," said WSL analyst and Big Wave Tour commissioner Peter Mel. "If you look a the forecast going through, we've got three pulses lined up in the first week of the waiting period. It could be anywhere from 10 feet, maybe even up to 15 to 20 feet."

Surfline's Kevin Wallis reports:

Swell/Surf Outlook:
Brief Overview: Very solid, back-to-back SW groundswells prevail on Wednesday and Thursday, easing a bit on Friday. Another very strong SSW groundswell looks possible for Saturday, and could be even larger than the surf for Wed/Thur. Morning wind conditions look favorable for the next few days, with some periods of side or onshore flow in the afternoons.

Note: Surf sizes below are face heights and focused on Margaret River Main Break.

WEDNESDAY 15th: Very solid SW groundswell (240-220 degrees). Swell/Surf: 12-20'+ faces with occasional larger sets. Very strong surf all day, but with a slight building trend from early morning to early afternoon.
Wind/Weather: E/ESE wind 6-10kts in the morning, with a little leftover bump/morning sickness possible early from today's southerly wind. Wind trends to SE late morning and eventually SSE flow builds over the afternoon 10-14kts.

THURSDAY 16th: Very strong SW swell (235-215 degrees) reinforcements rebuild into the afternoon. Swell/Surf: Very similar size to Wednesday, with a rebuilding trend into the afternoon with continued 12-20'+ faces and some occasional larger sets. Wind/Weather: E wind 5-10kts through the morning, trending to light/variable wind mid day before rising SSE/S flow later afternoon 8-12kts.

FRIDAY 17th: Strong SW swell (235-215 degrees) trending down through the day. Swell/Surf: Strongest in the morning, with an easing trend through the day. Still solid 10-15'+ faces, with some 18'+ bombs very possible in the morning. Wind/Weather: Light E wind in the morning, trending to onshore SW flow by the afternoon 8-10kts+

SATURDAY 18th: Good potential for another very solid SSW swell (220-200 degrees) Swell/Surf: Current model guidance indicates that this swell will be as strong, if not stronger, than the swells for Wed/Thur. Stay tuned, this is dependent on storm formation and behavior in the next couple days. Wind/Weather: Moderate E wind in the morning, trending lighter ENE in the afternoon. Stay tuned.

SUNDAY 19th: SSW swell looks likely to drop off through the day. Swell/Surf: At this point it looks like swell/surf will quickly drop through the day, although still be in the well overhead range.
Wind/Weather: Building NNE wind possible. Stay tuned.

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