- WSL / Robertson
- WSL / Robertson

Raoni Monteiro has been suspended from all WSL competition for 20 months for violating the WSL's Anti-Doping Policy.

Monteiro tested positive for a performance-enhancing substance during the 2014 Billabong Pipe Masters event. Subsequent investigations by the WSL Discipline Director have received full cooperation from Monteiro and his representatives. The investigation, inclusive of discussion with the athlete, determined that while the use of a Prohibited Substance was "unintentional" and prescribed by a physician, Monteiro still violated the WSL Anti-Doping Policy.

The sanction has been accepted by Monteiro, who has stated "I made an honest mistake but there are rules to follow and I broke them. I am looking forward to working hard with the time out of competition, getting back to my best and competing again next year".

Monteiro's suspension has been in effect since 12 December 2014 and will be in effect until 12 August 2016."

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